Launching ceremony of “Fascinating China ”short video series held in Beijing

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BEIJING, Aug.7(Guangming Online)—The 58-episode short video series featuring outstanding intellectuals of all ethnic groups in China talking about cultural inheritance and development started to air on Aug. 6, announced at a release conference yesterday. The short video series themed "Fascinating China" was produced under the guidance of the Online News and Information Dissemination Bureau of Cyberspace Administration of China(CAC). The short video series is jointly produced by the Galaxy Studios and (official website of Guangming Daily) . 

 To celebrate the 70th birthday of New China, Galaxy studios and released the "Fascinating China" short video series, which is an important measure to promote the protection, inheritance and dissemination of intangible cultural heritage of all Chinese ethnic groups.

At the press conference, Galaxy studios and released a mashup of short video series “Fascinating China”and the first episode of the series: The Mongolian Ethnic Group and Its Gesar Epic Tradition.This short video tells the history and status quo of a project on national list of intangible cultural heritage” Gesar Epic” , featuring the national representative bearer Jinbazhamusu, an 86-year-old Mongolian senior, as the main thread. 

 The 58-episode short video series, includes a mashup of short video series “Fascinating China”, a short video”56 ethnic groups chorus: I Love you, China”. According to the schedule, at least one episode will be broadcast per day. Whats more, will also cooperate with other partner media channels like Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou to actively interact with netizens to set off a national culture boom. 

 The release of the "Fascinating China" series is a significant measure by Galaxy studios and to promote the innovative development of intangible cultural heritage by making full use of the internet, new technologies, and new means of communication. It is a beneficial exploration to actively conforms to the trends of mobile informatization, socialization, and the tilt toward video-centeredness and orientation at interaction, and guide netizens, especially young netizens, to consciously spread Chinese culture and inherit the national spirit.

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